Star Citizen – Alpha 2.0 offiziell auf dem Live-Server gestartet

Bei Star Citizen gab es gestern grünes Licht, um jedem Spieler, welcher Star Citizen bisher vorbestellt hat, Zugang auf das Public Test Universe (PTU) zu geben.

Chris Roberts und das Cloud Imperium Games Team (CIG) präsentieren nun der Community einen weiteren Schritt in der Entwicklung ihres Spiels, bei welchem die einzelnen Spielelemente (Module) erstmals zusammengeführt werden.

Als weitere Informationen entnehmen wir der Pressemeldung von CIG, dass es mehr als eine Million registrierte „Citizens“ auf der Webseite gibt. Ferner gibt es bis dato mehr als 32.000 Organisationen (Zusammenschluss von Spielern, vergleichbar von Gilden in World of Warcraft), von welcher die größte mehr als 11.000 Spieler umfasst.

Ebenso kann man erwähnen, dass die 100 Millionen Dollar Grenze bald von dem Crowdfunding Projekt überschritten werden sollte.

Aktueller Stand: $ 99,926,037 – Star Citizens: 1,083,023

“We are forever grateful for our backers and fans,” said Roberts. “They been there from the beginning when we launched Star Citizen’s funding campaign three years ago. And they’ve helped create the most passionate and loyal community in our industry. They are helping us every step along the way in creating the best damn space sim ever.”

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Einige Features in Star Citizen Alpha 2.0:

Open World Missions

  • 8 Comm Array missions involving dogfighting and EVA, 8 Research missions involving protecting civilians or recovering lost data and 1 Exploration mission of an abandoned station.
  • 20+ Random Encounters – Most are random dogfighting encounters, often with a mix of friendlies and hostiles. 4 are random exploration missions involving finding lost wrecks.

First Person Shooter

  • Recharging energy weapons.
  • In-game pick-ups including ballistic weapons, ammo and MediPens.
  • Player healing.
  • Due to the open-world architecture of the Crusader system, FPS combat can occur on space stations, on the decks of ships, or even while engaged in EVA.
  • A space station location specifically designed for and dedicated to FPS combat, including many stores and caches of personal weapons.


  • Constant and ongoing skirmishes and space dogfights between Pirate factions and insystem security forces in the Yela asteroid belt.
  • Wreckage to scavenge in the Yela asteroid belt.
  • Ship Repair, Refuel and Restocking at Cry-Astro.
  • EVA – Extravehicular activity.
  • Multicrew Ships.
  • Multicrew ship gameplay! You’re not tied to your seat, you can walk around inside your ship with friends, and assume different responsibilities at different crew stations, such as ship’s pilot or copilot, engineer, or turret gunner.
  • Ship to space transitions.
  • Seamless first-person gameplay! Transit between the interior of your ship to outer space and back without any loading screen! Fly, fight, and spacewalk all in the same game.
  • Quantum Travel, complete with limited fuel mechanics.
  • All non-snub craft have a Quantum Drive that allows them to travel through local space at genuinely 0.2 speed of light.
  • Mobiglass Mission and Journal system.
  • EMP warfare in the Avenger Warlock.
  • Large World tech that allows for extremely large expanses of space to explore without loading screens.
  • New IFCS Flight models.
  • Ship repair refuel and restock.
  • Party system.
  • Multi-ship crew stations.
  • IFCS Flight Modes – Precision, SCM, and Cruise flight modes.
  • Afterburner.
  • Ship-to-ship EMP and disruption damage.


  • 1 planet: Crusader.
  • 3 moons: Yela with its asteroid belt, Cellin with a station and Daymar with a station.
  • 3 distinct stations: Port Olisar (The new local shipping hub, a space hotel players get their start in), Security Post Kareah (our FPS PvP location), Covelex Shipping Hub (Abandoned shipping
  • hub, acting as an EVA exploration location for players).
  • 1 Cry-Astro repair and restock station.
  • 9 Comms Arrays with encounters, missions and EVA exploration.


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Quelle: RSI, Pressemeldung